Financial and economic monitoring of the enterprises

The financial and economic monitoring of the enterprises in Ukraine

The financial statements of Ukrainian enterprises — in this section we can offer:

  • The balances of enterprises in Ukraine, Forms 1 and 2 (retrospective since 1999, the data are updated regularly and are available for the current reporting period)
  • Income from sales, net income, net loss, cash and equivalents — in national currency Short-term bank loans, and more in the example, see sheet «Financial results»
  • Buyers / suppliers and their indicators: number of employees, total income, profit / loss of the enterprises. The contact details, addresses, e-mail, Full name of Director are included.

The information granted on the basis of State Tax Administration in the form of financial statements of enterprises (in Ukrainian language).

Download / open Excel file. When ordering,please indicate the EDRPOU of the enterprise, the time period and the form required by you.

About us/advantages:

1. Reliability of information: We do preliminary free verification of the requested information, by sending the customer all of its operations on the specified type of statistics.

2. Guarantees: 100% Refund in the case of incorrectness in data.

3. Best price: If other companies offer similar statistics with the same quality of performance, but at a lower cost, please let us know and we will negotiate an even more attractive offer for you, plus you will receive free distribution of the information with addition of supporting materials.

4. Quality presentation of data: Tell us the requirements pertaining to the structure of the report and we will make it to the specified view at no extra charge.

5. The best complete set: We attach contacts and financial information about the companies appearing in the data (Rosstat sources): telephone, fax, e-mail, www, full name and titles of the representatives of companies, annual turnover (sales) according to the Tax Service, with a retrospective look.



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The thematic review

Financial and economic enterprises of Ukraine (on the basis of the STA of Ukraine)

The information that can be requested on this page of our website, certainly is useful marketing specialists, analysts. And those businessmen who in the course of conducting the business come to rely on credible sources of information and carrying a useful quantitative indicators to be treated. The base of financial and economic statements of Ukrainian enterprises strictly necessary both at the stage of long-term planning as well as during the analyzes results of operations for the reporting period. With the information received, as our partner, you will surely decide for itself the following objectives: Based on hard data, you can find a new niche of your business and assess the prospects for existing; Rate the possibility of your customers, both potential and actual already collaborating with your company, to access data on the intake of quantities produced by you or similar products purchased by these companies from your competitors; To study your competitors by highlighting the total weight of the manufacturers or suppliers who work with your enterprise within a single market segment or region; find out what businesses they work together to assess the possibility of establishing links with their counterparts; After analyzing the database, to understand how much can be potentially lucrative job with a particular product or product group; Plan macroeconomic indicators for developing a strategy and tactics of behavior in those market segments where the focus of your interests; Make a global analysis of the markets for the forecast. Thus, provided you the results of the activities of business entities in their financial and economic sphere uniquely interesting for analysts belonging to different specializations - in the area of ​​management, and finance. And also raised by the audit consultants, taxation, banking experts and representatives of the creditors. All necessary information is contained in the results of the financial analysis and the basis for it is precisely the financial statements. With the content of these statements, you can as a reference to his company, and in respect of your potential partners or competitors to draw the following conclusions: weigh the availability of funding; Predict their involvement as a response to any action on your part, or as a reaction to changes in the market; respectively, suggest the profitability of such involvement and as a result - solvency; Determine the level of liquidity and financial stability of your partners, suppliers, customers, competitors - all who are present and influence the state of the market segment in which you are working; thus assuming on the basis of predictions and actions of those players can somehow influence them by their actions, or, conversely, the absence of reaction with your hand; Rate compliance with market players financial discipline and credit discipline. The data that we are ready to provide, meet all quality indicators reporting information at the highest level. They are reliable and relevant. What does it mean? This information can be considered relevant if it is able to influence the valuation or the solution that you are currently taking or will take in the future. This measure of the financial information is influenced by conditions such as the importance and value to the prediction, the possibility of verification of results and compliance with the analyzed time interval. Reliability - is the most important sign of the quality of information used for the analysis and accounting, which guarantees to businesses, it is used, the data reflected not only a reasonable and objective, and does not contain errors, and located in the area lack the deviations. Obtaining reliable information from our sources is guaranteed to you as possible, because the State Tax Administration - the most authoritative source. Arguments in favor of the following: In the STA receives valid data, because in most cases they can be checked and verified; They content prevails over form, as charts, graphs, and other visual tools visual display of statistical parameters is the result of the processing of dry input data; Since the aggregate data collected from a variety of disparate business entities, guarantee their neutrality with respect to the investigated processes; All global data can be verified through independent analysis of the amount of information received from the individual subjects of taxation, and are compared with each other. Thus, having stated the above, we summarize. Base results of financial and economic monitoring, prepared by the State Tax Administration of Ukraine: Indispensable in probing the market; Are useful in the fight for customers with competitors; Needed in the analysis of the capacity of goods or services; Demand dynamics for forecasting the development of a marketing strategy.

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