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The orientation of a policy of the enterprises always and everywhere is focused on reception of stable profit and realisation of the goods of manufacture. At such tendencies as aggravation of the negative phenomena of an economic crisis 2008 — 2009, marketing researches of the market leave on new level of a demand both the large enterprises, and small-scale business. In conditions, wavy development of business, simply criminally to be based in the actions on the intuitive approach, excepting already developed marketing courses. Foreign trade of Russia now endures changes, being transformed to new conditions of the international market.

Difference in that some players have left from the market of the Russian Federation, without having sustained a competition, the unprofitable enterprises have released separate segments of manufacture and trade. As a result of moving and clearing of cells of commodity markets, the competition among the enterprises has increased in times though economic growth stays in some frozen condition. To define these changes and to foresee possible deviations in astable development, it is possible only having carried out the deep and qualitative analysis of financial activity of the enterprise and the foreign trade activities analysis. Also the customs statistics of Russia allows to analyze competitiveness of the imported or exported goods.

The base of customs will help to consider in details a concrete situation in the given segment of the market. The customs statistics will help experts in marketing, financial analysts and other persons, in information reception at the analysis of foreign trade activities and financial activity of the enterprise. A special sharpness at relations with the enterprises, at stages of working out of plans of cooperation with the foreign organisations, accept revealing not diligent suppliers of raw materials/production. In these cases, an extract the Uniform state register of the rights will fill an information gap in the strategic plan, and also will allow to define level of competitiveness of the separate companies.

At the given stage of realisation of the basic ideas of development of business, marketing researches get the status of obligatory actions of any link of the international market. The importance of the received data increases at definition of a specific goal of influence on the chosen segment of manufacture or trade. In this case the fulfilled courses are applied and already familiar tools of strategy of the enterprise are used. The purpose of marketing research, is reduction of factors not definiteness which can affect the subsequent decisions. And if the exit of the participant of market relations on a new field of activity information gathering, carrying out of reports and systematisation of the received data, accepts special, predominating position in a rating of values of marketing researches is meant.

During an economic crisis, almost each company has entered into obligatory planning of the advancement, so-called «sites of relative rest». At this time the received results for expired period are generalised and and there is a drawing up of the short-term marketing plan. Given «respites» allow more profoundly, with supervision over changes in the international market, to investigate prospects and objectively to estimate the further preferences. It also defines the further success of the company and fixes the reached positions. Statistics of production and marketing researches of the market are valuable only in the event that gathering and information processing is carried out regularly and objectively.

Loss of any period from the statistical data, can cast away the company not only on initial positions, but also completely «erase» from international trade business. Therefore, at studying of the concrete market, information generalisation should be divided into stages at which necessarily there is an estimation of a place of the enterprise. The company should not separate from competitors, and consider itself, as one of indignation factors. Revealing, during marketing research the data about changes of events from your activity, it is possible to count and undertaken actions of competitors. In the present realities the importance of experts in marketing leaves on new level, influence on the manufacture and trade market can be already direct. The indirect factors specifying in your advantage or backlog, get the status especially great values.

And if at this stage of research some details the further advancement can stop before stabilisation of actions of participants of the market are passed. Studying and comparison of the given initial documents used in this segment of the market will be an indispensable condition of design stages of the further policy of the enterprise. Foreign trade activities of the companies reflect a turn of the documentation of customs services where it is detailed, in statistical sequence the executed transportations and movings of cargoes are specified. Customs the statistican represent the full list of the processed initial documents of crossing of the goods through country borders. The customs statistics of Russia contains the official, documentary and declared data brought in the general register. At revealing of dangerous tendencies of loss of a part of the market or forecasting of liberation of a commodity niche, there is a general updating of the marketing plan to inclusion of the data which are given by the customs statistics.

Certainly, it not the unique tool of reception of the statistical data on the chosen segment of the market or separately taken company. Not мене it is important, in aggregate with the rest, a database «the railway statistics» cargo rail transportation. The railway Database completely reflects the detailed information on all movement of cargoes from or to the studied agent of trade and manufacture. The basic sales volumes and purchases of raw materials of the competitor will help managers to orient with lines of activity. It is not necessary to list all advantages which are given by base of a cargo transportation, they and so on a surface.

The statistics railway and statistics of the container transportations, all is very effective tool in hands of the competent expert in marketing. There are opinions that marketing researches are required only in already concerning stable conditions when market sites are divided between the basic players and it is necessary to count only their courses, realising deviations and spending parallel strategy. And in repartition of territories of influence, it is necessary to conduct an aggressive policy on capture, removing researches already at generalisation of the received result.

Such statements in a root are not correct. Multigradualness of process of marketing means constant gathering and the analysis, data recording. The strict scientific approach is based on regular inflow of the information and predetermines all further actions. Already now, it is possible to see trade development in the international market with the participants earlier working only on periphery of business. And the most interesting that their exit was so smooth that it has not introduced special indignations.

It also is result of a policy of the enterprise on marketing researches and advancement of on the way strictly regulated plan of action. Studying experience of the similar companies, it is possible to allocate two directions of work with the market. The first, studying and gathering of the secondary information based on the statistical data on all sources. The second, generalisation of the data on an advancement specific goal. These points supplement each other and enter into a basis of marketing researches, modelling of situations is spent, are studied not only modern apportions, but also tendencies of last years.

Without interrupting the researches, developing strategic plans on the basis of the received data, the enterprises and the companies provide to themselves stable growth and protect itself from possible risks in the changing market of the international relations.

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