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Proprietors of a rolling stockThe register of rolling stock owners of CIS Countries , regularly updated array includes information on landlord and tenant of wagon , their home stations, type of models, etc. You can view a data structure and availability of accessible fields in the data on wagon owners  in this example.

To get familiar with the dynamics of rolling stock structure of the CIS Countries, We can offer you a base with actuality since 01.08.2009

Statistics of the allocation of rolling stock, Please check our commercial offer.

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5. The best complete set: We attach contacts and financial information about the companies appearing in the data (Rosstat sources): telephone, fax, e-mail, www, full name and titles of the representatives of companies, annual turnover (sales) according to the Tax Service, with a retrospective look.



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The thematic review

Base of the owners of the covered wagons, and the recent reform

According to the program of reforming transport stockpiled in the office of Russian Railways, the new scheme of relations between shippers, carriers and operators was formed. Structural ideology of the reform implied the emergence of competitive companies that are using new opportunities and applying market principles of transportation costs regulation, would be able to effectively use available resources of rolling stock. Besides, the goal was identified as the gradual replacement of the outdated fleet of rolling stock at the expense of funds of owners and additional public investment. At the beginning of the reform process were based large owners of rolling stock and the Second freight company which are «daughters» of OAO «Russian Railways». Their appearance on the market of rail transportation gave impetus to the formation of the new owners of rolling stock, and a database on their registry. Occurred formation of the logical structures of co-operation, whose management unit coordinating transportation processes.Currently, fleet of rolling stock RZD outsourced to private operators, their roster has already exceeded 1,800 companies.Database of rolling stock owners includes the main categories of owners who are conditionally divided into a group of companies. This operator has advantages over other companies due to the large number of cars and property offering good discounts on services. Company (withoutoperator status) with a smaller number of rolling stock operating without discounts or with a limits on the amount of discounts. Tasks that should solve the rolling stock owners, stacked in a few mandatory requirements. This is: according to the concluded contracts to provide rolling stock, organization of transportation logistics, creation of information and technical support to adjust the movement of wagons process. The share of RZD remain only the implementation of traffic on the agreed application by the operator. In addition to the rolling stock owners who provide services to provide a variety of car types and operating in the scale of state regulation, there are companies that are owned by the same cars, but solve problems moving their own goods. The logical chain of these companies are very different from the schemes of the public carriers, aimed at maximum profitability increase due to the reduction of empty runs. ORecent innovations bring the most efficient in the formation of dynamic control cars with automated systems. In determining the time and place of occurrence of the empty wagon, rolling stock owners have the opportunity to make it bind to address the following loading, reducing downtime and empty runs. Initially, the owners of cars not impose penalties for delay rolling stock loading or unloading.Such a loyal policy gave the opportunity to the companies operators established in the market and get a permanent clientele. Currently the possible penalties are recorded on the stage of signing contracts and have a tendency to tighten. Perhaps this is due to recent developments, when with rush demand for cars, some enterprises shippers could not get rolling stock and lost profit. State of rolling stock on the market is now estimated as poor. The main mass of cars subject to continuous repair, which is quite rare, and active malfunctions are eliminated shippers. So there is a practice when the acute shortage of rolling stock, accepted for loading wagons, obviously having defects with subsequent surface repair. The primary market of rolling stock represented by tens of wagon building plant, despite the fact that the cost of one car reaches hundreds of thousands of rubles, and only large owners of rolling stock have the opportunity to gradually upgrade the Park. Companies that have a small share of the market, mainly satisfied with purchases of cars on the secondary market at more affordable prices.

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