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    Moldovan Foreign economic activity (FEA) - a set of economic, organizational, economic and commercial, operational functions focused on foreign economic strategy, methods and forms of foreign partners. Currently, foreign trade Moldova effectively carried out by foreign economic relations, which are a catalyst for economic reforms in the state. Foreign economic activity in Moldova, is actively working on the formation of the state of market mechanisms and structures, and contributes to the accumulation of initial capital. Just by FEA to create a competitive environment and the market is determined by motivation in the domestic business. Statistics of foreign economic activity of Moldova is one of the branches of government economic statistics. The subject is the quantitative aspect of foreign trade activities of regions, as well as the state as a whole. In order to analyze the state of foreign trade of Moldova need to use FEA statistics import / export of the State Customs Committee. Statistics Moldova's foreign trade - economic analysis of the industry, which has been collecting, processing data on the movement of different kinds of goods across the customs border. Customs database of Moldova is a major source of foreign trade statistics data of Moldova and customs charges. Base Stats allows you to receive timely information about goods transported across the border. For example, timely monitoring of the Moldovan customs basis - gives an idea of ​​the trends in the domestic market, the level of economic activity, as well as insight into the development of production and the dynamics of the import / export market. Also, the customs database will provide information on partners and competitors and objectively assess the situation on the market today. Statistics of foreign trade of Moldova export import allows you to: analyze the export / import flows, to obtain information on Moldovan and foreign companies, the statistics on prices and volumes, supply conditions, other not less valuable information. Statistics of foreign trade of Moldova contains information: for exporters and importers, the amount and payment terms of the contracts, the name and description of goods, quantity indicator, the type and the type of transport used. Data Moldova's foreign trade form the basis of the analysis of foreign trade activities and are designed to handle foreign trade information. Information data on imports and exports make it possible to study in detail the situation of foreign markets and to obtain accurate information on foreign partners. Statistics of foreign trade of Moldova export import allows entrepreneurs to analyze the competitiveness of exported / imported goods. Finding foreign and Moldovan partners, depending on the product's name, location and scope of the terms of cooperation. The data of foreign trade of Moldova needed managers and marketing department. Foreign trade statistics allows you to have information about the market and the emergence of new players to see the total price range. Update custom base is made monthly.

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    20.02.2018. Data on production statistics in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have been updated. January 2018

    15.02.2018. New data on FEA of Moldova is available. Period January 2018 January 2018

    10.02.2018. Customs statistics of Russia and Ukraine has been updated for the period of January 2018 January 2018

    06.02.2018. The database of the rolling stock owners has been updated for January 2018

    05.02.2018. Customs statistics of foreign trade of China, USA and India have been updated for January 2018

    03.02.2018. Issued new data on Russian Railways and Ukrzaliznitsa for January 2018

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