Customs statistics of the republic of Belarus. Export — Import data

 1.Reporting granting is made on the basis of the data of National statistical committee of Belarus (data comprises foreign trade operations of participants of foreign trade activities of Belarus with all countries of the world except the countries of the Customs Union) in the expanded format, You may see the structure of declaration in an example. The data is accessible from 01/01/2016 to the current month. Update monthly.

2. Тhe general non-personalized statistics on exports / imports of the Republic of Belarus. The reports are made on the basis of the Belarus National Statistical Committee data. Structure of the data provided (download / open Excel file).

3. Some directions on foreign trade activities of Belarus, as example, with Asian countries in the land movement of goods can be tracked based on the data of the ELC, learn more. It’s advantage is a reflection of the senders, consignees and carriers of the goods.

At inquiry formation necessarily specify the interesting period of time and commodity positions in codes ТN VED (HS) foreign trade activities, to download a directory of 967 Kbt. WinZip — archive

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1. Reliability of information: We do preliminary free verification of the requested information, by sending the customer all of its operations on the specified type of statistics.

2. Guarantees: 100% Refund in the case of incorrectness in data.

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5. The best complete set: We attach contacts and financial information about the companies appearing in the data (Rosstat sources): telephone, fax, e-mail, www, full name and titles of the representatives of companies, annual turnover (sales) according to the Tax Service, with a retrospective look.



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The thematic review

Customs statistics of exports and imports of the Republic of Belarus

Customs statistics of Belarus - the information necessary for analysis of the Belarusian market, and especially for the analysis of foreign trade activities of the state (FEA). Statistics of foreign trade import export of Belarus - is the foundation of any market research, as SCC (State customs committee)regularly creates and updates the data on imports / exports of goods imported into the country across the border. On the basis of these foreign trade import export statistics are shaped in Belarus: analysis of competitors - the share of the enterprise market, the enterprise data, comparative analysis, a market of a product, suppliers registry, the registry items that are most in demand, the statistics of the world markets. On the basis of statistical data understandable and usable form can be obtained export / import statistics of Belarus for the analysis of competitive companies. Just Belarus foreign trade statistics shows the relative share of the enterprise in the Belarusian market. On the basis of the customs data base of Belarus is competing companies: the cost, quantity and description of goods, senders / recipients of goods and the name of the product, the name and address of contractors, manufacturers of certain goods and delivery terms. Statistics of foreign trade of Belarus reveals market import / export: new players and market leaders, companies and enterprises that have a small income, businesses and companies that are developing dynamically. Formation of the market, direct marketing database of foreign trade of Belarus, it is not possible in the current economic realities. Customs statistics - is a marketing information on exports / imports needed to conduct market analysis to determine the distribution of market segments in Belarus and abroad. The report drawn up on the basis of customs data Belarus provides all the statistical data in order to determine: Regions where there is an increased demand for a particular product category, price category, preferences of potential customers, contact details of customers and sales channels. Customs statistics data bases allow you to select suppliers of a particular segment of the market, at what choices can be either in the direction of the domestic supplier and a foreign language. Information array of statistical data SCC has available the following information: contact information of the supplier companies, prices and description of goods, company market share data about suppliers and competitors. Statistics of foreign trade of Belarus will help to form an idea of ​​what is most in demand. On the basis of customs statistics data analysis generated strong demand on products and goods in the region as a percentage, physical and monetary terms, for the presentation: the manufacturer and brand of product, model and specifications. On the basis of statistics of imports carried out analysis / export from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, China and Moldova. The compiling of world commodity markets, that is, the movement of various groups of goods between trading nations and contains the following information: name of the country of the recipient / sender shipments, the amount of supply. On the basis of customs data FEA analysis carried out, the most accurate method to fight with competitors to carry out negotiations with potential partners. To determine the import / export structure, price dispersion and position players, the dynamics of sales of goods of active demand - foreign trade statistics are subject to our ranking and thorough, high-precision processing.

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20.01.2018. Data on production statistics in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have been updated. December 2017

15.01.2018. New data on FEA of Moldova is available. Period 2017 December. December 2017

10.01.2018. Customs statistics of Ukraine and Kazakhstan has been updated for the period of December 2017

06.01.2018. The database of the rolling stock owners has been updated for December 2017

05.01.2018. Customs statistics of foreign trade of China, USA and India have been updated for December 2017

03.01.2018. Issued new data on Russian Railways, Kazakh Railways and Ukrzaliznitsa for December December 2017

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