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База таомжни 2012What is necessary for successfully conducting large business at the international level?

  • Detailed descriptions of all realized goods;

  • Cost of goods – statistical cost, and also impressive and customs;

  • Realization of volumes;

  • Information on popular brands, trademarks and information about the producer;

But there is more to come – knowledge of the main suppliers and recipients of freights, and also information on the customs applicants who are filing customs documentation will be useful.

All this information is provided by the customs database in which the main data for the analysis of asituation are reflected.

What is base of customs? It varies, given on an account of foreign trade activities for companies. Such information is vital for beginning enterprises to develop and become stronger in the market.

This customs database is of interest to financial analysts, Top managers and marketing specialists for studying foreign economic activity of companies.

The analysis of foreign trade activities includes the detailed statistical reporting on foreign trade operations of enterprises.

If there is a base of customs, you will be able to:

  • See the level of a saturation of concrete market production

  • Carefully analyse current situation on your interested market segments;

  • Reveal the main groups of consumers, and also to see the competitors and intermediaries;

  • Define business reputation and reliability with partners;

  • Obtain actual information on production capacities and a financial condition of participants in the market;

The customs database includes Date of Registration data for freights when crossing borders and customs posts. Terms of delivery, and the countries which created it is also available and send production. Ours the base of customs possesses a friendly interface which will allow you to find the necessary statistics and the analysis information on foreign trade activities as fast as possible. Meanwhile, the customs base is updated every four weeks.

Possibilities of the customs database

База данных таможни

Let’s say you have a 2012 base of customs. With her help you can carry out the qualitative marketing analysis for identification of important changes and tendencies. It is possible to analyse results of import and export operations or to reveal leaders in the foreign trade activity in this country or the region.

The 2012 customs base of is carefully analysed, so that you can construct a rating of the best enterprises cooperating with them. A detailed report with the evident schedules and charts gives a visual review of information and will give you a solution to any question. Of course, including data for 2012, you can obtain information for other years. Studying an important question or problem in a long-term retrospective will allow you to reveal long regularities and construct optimum strategy of further development.

Questions about acquisition of customs base

First of all, the terms GTD base and the FTS base is synonyms for the foreign trade activities customs base. It will allow you to avoid confusion. You can buy customs base with actual information from us and essentially bring your business to new level. We will note that all information in the GTD customs base (the foreign trade activities base, the FTS base) is completely reliable and representative. Thanks to convenient registration, it will be easy to deal with this base. You can buy base of customs, having written to us on corporate mail or having called by phone as stated above.

About us/advantages:

1. Reliability of information: We do preliminary free verification of the requested information, by sending the customer all of its operations on the specified type of statistics.

2. Guarantees: 100% Refund in the case of incorrectness in data.

3. Best price: If other companies offer similar statistics with the same quality of performance, but at a lower cost, please let us know and we will negotiate an even more attractive offer for you, plus you will receive free distribution of the information with addition of supporting materials.

4. Quality presentation of data: Tell us the requirements pertaining to the structure of the report and we will make it to the specified view at no extra charge.

5. The best complete set: We attach contacts and financial information about the companies appearing in the data (Rosstat sources): telephone, fax, e-mail, www, full name and titles of the representatives of companies, annual turnover (sales) according to the Tax Service, with a retrospective look.



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10.12.2017. Customs statistics of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan has been updated for the period of November 2017

06.12.2017. The database of the rolling stock owners has been updated for November 2017

05.12.2017. Customs statistics of foreign trade of China, USA and India have been updated for November 2017

03.12.2017. Issued new data on Russian Railways and Ukrzaliznitsa for November 2017

20.11.2017. Data on production statistics in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have been updated. October 2017

15.11.2017. New data on FEA of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan are available. Period October 2017

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