Statistics of Cargo customs declarations

Statistics on SCD base — the right assistant in successful business.

База данных ГТД

Happens that some customers need to get the information from the back side of the customs declaration. Some GTD database provided by our competitors is truncated and does not contain a complete description of the goods, it does not have data back side of the cargo customs declaration. Our company is the only one that provides a comprehensive SCD database  with the description of the goods on the back side of the customs declaration.

Obtained information from the back side of SCD is extremely important, You will be able truly to estimate market conditions. Unlike many suppliers, our GTD base is complete and will provide you with actual information!

Customs data that We provide is the valuable tool in carrying out the analysis of competitors activity. The SCD base will supply you with actual information for studying of the current situation in activity of your firm, and activity of competitors. With this information, you will increase the effectiveness of Your marketing strategies, and will not make a mistake in financial calculations.

Database of Cargo customs declarations — Way to success

Only a deep analysis of these data will enable businesses to prosper in the future. Having a database of customs declarations, you unbind the hands of your business and have possibility to swim freely in the global market, analyzing the volumes of export and import goods, their manufacturers, suppliers and recipients. In other words you get a full picture of the world market of goods.

Let us recall that the document, formerly known as the cargo customs declaration and SCD, has now become simply DG — Declaration of the goods. We offer only fresh and relevant information needed for the successful development of your business. For example, «SCD framework for 2015» — the most recent available document reflecting the basic operations over the past year.

Our statistics SCD has distinctive characteristics:

convenient format of providing data;

speed of providing information

availability of information – any operation is reflected in full format;

reliability of data – you can be sure of each figure, up to several signs after a comma!;

SCD Data Base — the right assistant for any a major businessman! Do not wait and take the lead over your competitors!

About Us / benefits:

1. Reliability of information: We do preliminary free verification of the requested information, by sending the customer all of its operations on the specified type of statistics.

2. Guarantees: 100% Refund in the case of incorrectness in data.

3. Best price: If other companies offer similar statistics with the same quality of performance, but at a lower cost, please let us know and we will negotiate an even more attractive offer for you, plus you will receive free distribution of the information with addition of supporting materials.

4. Quality presentation of data: Tell us the requirements pertaining to the structure of the report and we will make it to the specified view at no extra charge.

5. The best complete set: We attach contacts and financial information about the companies appearing in the data (Rosstat sources): telephone, fax, e-mail, www, full name and titles of the representatives of companies, annual turnover (sales) according to the Tax Service, with a retrospective look.



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