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The customs statistics

All the informational material on our Web site is based on primary sources and is used as the elementary data for marketing research. In the relevant site sections, you can find and request the data you are interested in on available countries:

To analyse Foreign Trade (FEA) we provide:

— Import and export trade data

— Customs statistics of the Conducted Cargo

— Customs Declarations in an advanced full scope format

— Database on production

— Data on railway cargo transportation in the form of rail freight waybill

— Analysis of financial activity of the enterprise

Included are all the enterprises of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, complete with databases, registers of legal entities and private entrepreneurs, and also sampling for advertising companies.

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As a test of completeness and accuracy, offered by us data for the primary marketing, we can provide You with free detailed information of your company activities. To perform this procedure in detail

About us/advantages:

1. Reliability of information: We do preliminary free verification of the requested information, by sending the customer all of its operations on the specified type of statistics.

2. Guarantees: 100% Refund in the case of incorrectness in data.

3. Best price: If other companies offer similar statistics with the same quality of performance, but at a lower cost, please let us know and we will negotiate an even more attractive offer for you, plus you will receive free distribution of the information with addition of supporting materials.

4. Quality presentation of data: Tell us the requirements pertaining to the structure of the report and we will make it to the specified view at no extra charge.

5. The best complete set: We attach contacts and financial information about the companies appearing in the data (Rosstat sources): telephone, fax, e-mail, www, full name and titles of the representatives of companies, annual turnover (sales) according to the Tax Service, with a retrospective look.



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The thematic review

Database of Russian Exporters and Importers, Production statistics,Russian Foreign Trade statistics, Customs data on cargo transportation, FEA analysis

Policy orientation of enterprises is always and everywhere focused on getting steadily profits and realization of the goods production. Even in the event of a world economic crisis 2008-2009, market researches come to a new level of demand for both small business and large enterprises alike. During wavy development conditions in the market it is simply crime to rely on the actions of an intuitive approach with the exception of already developed marketing moves. Foreign trade of the Russian Federation is now going through changes being transformed into a new conditions of international market. Some players have left the domestic market; Unprofitable organizations have released segments of trade and production and as a result of this release, the competition has grown many times although the economic growth remains in a frozen state. It is now possible to define and foresee changes, but only after having carried out high-precision deep analysis of these foreign trade enterprise activities. Russian customs data allows you to analyse the competitiveness of imported and exported goods. Database of Russian Exporters and Importers will help you to consider a concrete situation on a particular segment of the market. Customs statistics helps marketers, financial analysts and other persons to obtain information on financial activities of a specific enterprise. Customs research statistics is one of the budgetary benefits of monitoring a market situation. Particularly acute situation is detection of unconscionable suppliers of raw materials / products when dealing with enterprises in the stages of development cooperation plans. In these cases, the extract of EGRP fills information gap in the strategic plan, and allows to determine the level of competitiveness of the separate companies. At this stage of the main ideas of business development, marketing research acquire the status of mandatory actions of any part of the international market. Importance of the obtained data increases when determining a particular purpose impact on a selected segment of production or trade. The very purpose of market research is to reduce the factors not specified, which may affect the subsequent decisions. Collecting information, conducting reports and systematics the data obtained, takes a special, dominant position in the ranking values of marketing research, such information has a great value for participant of market relations in the new field of activity. During the economic crisis, almost every company has introduced a mandatory planning their advance, so-called "areas of relative calm." At this time, summarizes the results obtained for the past period and occurs drawing up short-term marketing plan. This determines the future success of the company and reinforces the position achieved. Statistics of production and market research are valuable only if the collection and processing of information is carried out systematically and objectively. Loss of any period of statistics, can discard company not only to the initial position, but completely "wipe" out of the business of international trade. Therefore, the study of a particular market, the compilation of information should be divided into stages, in which necessarily present evaluation of the place of the enterprise. The company should not distance themselves from competitors, and consider itself as one of the factors of perturbation. in revealing the course of marketing research data on the changes stemming from your activities, you can calculate action of competitors, In the present realities, the importance of marketers reaches a new level the impact on production and trade in the market may already be direct. And if at this stage of the study will be skipped some of the details, the further advancement may stop before stabilizing actions of market participants. Mandatory condition for further stages of design enterprise policy will study and compare the data source documents used in this market segment. Foreign economic activities of companies reflects the turnover of documentation of customs services which details in random sequence indicated executed transportation and movement of goods. Customs database represent a complete list of source documents processed by the intersection of goods across the country's borders. Foreign economic activities of companies reflects the turnover of documentation of customs services which details in random sequence indicated executed transportation and movement of goods. Customs statistics represent a complete list of source documents processed by the intersection of goods across the country's borders. Customs database of Russia contains formal, documented and declared data, recording in the general register. In identifying the dangerous tendencies of the market or loss prediction of release marketable niche, occurs a complete adjustment of the marketing plan with the inclusion of data that provides customs statistics. Certainly, this is not the only tool to obtain statistical data on the selected segment of the market or an individual company. Not less important, in conjunction with the rest of the database "Railway Statistics" rail freight. Railway Database fully reflects the detailed information about all movements of goods from or to the studied agent in trade and production. Major sales volume and purchases of raw materials of competitor will help managers to orient in directions of activity. It is not necessary to list all the benefits that provides analysis of the freight market, they and so on the surface. Railway statistics and statistics of container traffic, this is all very effective tool in the hands of a competent marketer. There are opinions that marketing research is needed only has a relatively stable conditions when the market areas are divided between the main players and should only calculate their moves, realizing the retreat and the concurrent strategy. And during redistribution areas of influence, should maintain an aggressive policy to capture, pushing research already in the generalization of the result. Such statements are fundamentally wrong. Multi step process of marketing assumes continual collection and analysis, data logging. Rigorous scientific approach is based on a systematic flow of information and predetermine all further actions. Even now, we can see the development of trade in the international market with the participants, who previously worked only on the periphery of the business. Most interesting is that their output was so smooth that it did not bring much perturbation. This is the result of a policy on a marketing research and progress towards a strictly regulated plan of action. Studying the experience of these companies, there are two areas of work with the market. The first, the study and collection of secondary data based on statistical data from all sources. Second, compile data on the specific purpose of promotion. These items complement one another and are part of the basis of market research, conducted simulations are studied not only modern layout, but the trend of previous years.

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20.02.2018. Data on production statistics in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have been updated. January 2018

15.02.2018. New data on FEA of Moldova is available. Period January 2018 January 2018

10.02.2018. Customs statistics of Russia and Ukraine has been updated for the period of January 2018 January 2018

06.02.2018. The database of the rolling stock owners has been updated for January 2018

05.02.2018. Customs statistics of foreign trade of China, USA and India have been updated for January 2018

03.02.2018. Issued new data on Russian Railways and Ukrzaliznitsa for January 2018

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